Michael Wendeberg

Michael Wendeberg, conductor, naturally affiliates the handling of classical repertoire from Bach to Schoenberg and the intense engagement with contemporary and the most contemporary music. He is especially interested in altering the listening and playing of the old as well as the contemporary music by this confrontation and the perception of continuous traditions.

Michael Wendeberg worked with the Staatskapelle Berlin, Musikfabrik Köln, Klangforum Wien, Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart, with Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Ensemble Contrechamps, Ensemble Asccolta, Chamber Choir of the Staatsoper Berlin Apollini et Musis, Philharmony Ljubljana, Symphonic Orchestra Wuppertal as well as with the Collegium Novum Zurich. One could experience his work on the big stages and at major festivals, amongst others at the Biennale Munich, at the Bregenz Festival, at musicadhoy Madrid, at Wien Modern, at the Eclat Festival Stuttgart, at Klangspuren Schwaz, at the Biennale Venice and at the Lucerne Festival.

Currently, Michael Wendeberg is musical director of Ensemble Contrechamps (Geneva) and associate conductor at the State Opera Yerewan. Further engagements in 2014/2015 contain concerts with Ensemble Ascolta, his Debut with Sinfonietta Basel, the complete piano work by Boulez at the „Festtage Festival“ in March 2015 at the Staatsoper Berlin, and - at the same place - his debut with Mozart‘s The Magic Flute.